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Stan James Casino Review

Online casinos these days are prolific. Picking and choosing from pages and pages can be overwhelming. You don’t want to go through a long download, only to discover that while the casino you chose is great, it’s not really right for you.

This is one of the reasons that players keep coming back to Stan James. This online casino is a no-download casino, which means that players don’t’ have to download a large package of software simply to begin playing. This is an advantage for a couple of reasons. It’s a time-saver, since for those with slower internet connections, a large software package can take (seemingly) forever to download. It’s also great for gamblers using smaller computers. A small computer, such as a laptop or netbook, has a very limited amount of storage space. Unless you have a computer dedicated to online gambling, chances are good that you don’t’ want to use up valuable storage space with a game.

Stan James recognizes that not all online gamblers are looking for amazing audio and graphics. Many of them simply want a fun, simple casino which is easy to navigate and enjoyable to play! Stan James is all this and more.

Bonuses and Incentives

Stan James has some of the best bonuses and incentives in the world of online casinos. Keep in mind that these bonuses can and do change frequently. Currently, the Stan James matches every pound wagered with points, and when this “pot” reaches a certain amount; you can redeem it for cash! An excellent VIP club is offered to returning players, and Stan James also offers cash bonuses on different games. Under the casino section at you can click on promotions to find the newest promo codes.

Customer Service

Stan James prides itself on excellent customer service. Representatives are available at any hour of the day or night. You also have the option of talking with a representative on the phone or through a handy chat box.

The Beauty of Simplicity

While elaborate, ornate flashing lights and cartoons are fun for some, there are others who take one look and feel a headache coming on! Stan James is a wonderful example of just how fun and exciting a casino can be while still retaining an easy-to-use, simple format. There are no confusing multiple tabs to click on, and there’s no excess of dancing cartoons to make your eyes hurt. For gamblers who have felt the need to put on sunglasses while playing at some other casinos, this element of the Stan James will be an extremely welcome relief!

Payment Options

Stan James currently accepts a variety of credit cards, as well as other payment services such as Paysafecard, Moneytellers and Western Union. However, no matter what payment method you use, the Stan James can’t currently accept gamblers from the United States.

When it comes down to it, the Stan James gives you everything you’re looking for in an online gambling experience, and does away with all the unnecessary extras. If you want a place you can come to relax, feel comfortable and enjoy your games, the Stan James is for you.

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