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Victor Chandler Casino Review

Since they first entered the gambling world way back in 1946, Victor Chandler has been a well respected and reliable institution. Hopes were high for their entrance into the world of online gambling, and Victor Chandler not only met, but exceeded all expectations.


While most online casinos offer something in the way of bonuses and incentives, Victor Chandler has some surprising and exciting methods. Of course, there’s the expected sign-up bonus. New players can receive as much as 175 pounds simply for signing up with Victor Chandler. As you become a regular (which we’re fairly sure will happen) you should keep a close eye on your account. Victor Chandler makes several surprises, unannounced money drops each day into random accounts! As if this weren’t enough, there are also a variety of members-only bonuses which you can qualify for. Victor Chandler obviously cares about creating and building a customer relationship, and this care is evident in how they treat their members.

Audio and Graphics

Audio and graphics set the mood and can either make gameplay more realistic and fun or take away from the entire experience. Victor Chandler’s audio and graphics will definitely enhance your online gambling. The website strikes a wonderful balance. Not too bright and loud, not too sedate and boring, but just right. The entire site has a sleek, polished look that will bring to mind the world’s best traditional casinos. You’ll feel as though you’re standing at a high-stakes craps table, surrounded by other patrons in tuxedos and fancy gowns…even if you’re playing a fun, cartoon slot machine!

For a real-life feel, you can play via streaming video. Live dealers in real time are available in Victor Chandler’s “Live Casino” area.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this casino is that the stunning audio and graphics do not require a software download! This means that players using smaller computers with less storage space can enjoy Victor Chandler without clogging up their computers with unnecessary software. While some download-free casinos can have delays due to lower internet speeds or a high volume of players, Victor Chandler is refreshingly free of these issues.

Game Variety

Currently, Victor Chandler boasts an impressive number of games, over one hundred. These include nearly all of the classic, traditional casino games you would expect. There are also several varieties of poker such as Texas Hold ‘Em and Caribbean Stud. Slot machines based on many popular movies are also available.

The number of games at Victor Chandler is one of the reasons why this casino’s customers tend to return again and again. There’s simply not much time to get bored! The variety is also great for players who enjoy many different types of games. Sure, a poker room is wonderful if all you like to play is poker. However, a casino like Victor Chandler appeals to players who may feel like a few hands of high-stakes poker one day, and a relaxing spin on the slot machines the next!

No matter what type of games you enjoy, you’ll find your favorite at Victor Chandler. Even better, you’ll find it accompanied by an excellent reputation, wonderful customer service and audio and graphics which will leave you breathless.

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